Self Contained Water Monitor System

Self Contained Water Monitor System is an automatic water cannon unit for detection and suppression of initial fire incident with water jet.

Water monitor was developed to meet the fire protection requirements of large, open spaces (atrium/exhibition hall space) in modern buildings where a fire sprinkler system may be inadequate due to the height of the ceiling sprinklers above the atrium floor. The water monitor device uses flame detection technology incorporating computerized control, mechanical operation and remote communication technologies, all built into one device. Effective operation height for normal sprinkler head has a limit of 17 meters. For sprinkler head mounted at ceiling height at greater height may not be effective due to rising hot plumb of convection current.

When a fire occurs in the area protected by the water monitor, the flame detectors will detect the fire and activate the water monitor. The water monitor will rotate to locate the exact location of the fire and direct the nozzle of the water monitor at the fire. Water will then be discharged from the nozzle, in the form of a water jet, onto the fire. The device can locate the exact position of the fire and direct water discharge at the fire in about 30 seconds of its detection of the fire. After the fire is extinguished and confirm by the flame detector, the water discharge be stopped automatically. The water monitor may be activated manually with a manual switch. After the monitor is reset, it will automatically return to its standby mode. If the fire re-ignites or there is another fire, the water monitor will activate again.

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