Active fire protection

Active Fire Protection Concept is defined as ideas and philosophy to mitigate a fire once it occurs.

Active Fire Protection systems and products are system or products which will detect or detect and suppress or detect and extinguish a fire either automatically or manually. Active Fire Protection system or products always deals with a post fire scenario. Active fire protection system consists of the following systems:-

A. Hydro-based Fire Protection Systems

  1. Automatic sprinkler system
  2. Fire detection and alarm system
  3. Wet riser system
  4. Hosereel system
  5. Fire Hydrant system
  6. Dry riser system
  7. Water mist system
  8. Fire pumpsets
  9. Water tanks
  10. pipes and fitting

B. Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

  1. Inert Gas Fire Suppression System
  2. Chemical Agent Fire Suppression System

C. Other Fire Protection System

  1. Oxygen Deficient Inert Atmosphere Fire Protection System
  2. Self-contained Water Monitor System
  3. Foam
  4. IFEX Impulse Fire Extinguishing Technology
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