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21st Century is the era of Knowledge. Acquiring the necessary knowledge within one’s area of work has become increasingly important in today’s society.

The rapid progress, ever changing and the technological advancement in ICT (information, Communication technologies), acquiring latest up-to-date knowledge is essential if you want to be able to perform and discharge your duty diligently, in any industries. On top of the theoretical knowledge, accumulating practical knowledge and experience are even more imminent to face the challenges of the vibrant society of 21st century.

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Complying with Malaysian Standard MS1745 in Fire Detection and Alarm Design

November 2019

The One-Day course is specially designed to disseminate practical knowledge in design of fire detection and alarm systems for professional M&E engineers and graduate engineers. Fire detection and alarm systems is the primary life safety design in detecting and raising audio alarm signals to ensure safe mass evacuation during fire incidents. The course will emphasize on fit for purpose design for various categories of occupancy risks, including buildings with sleeping risks under Malaysian Standard MS1183. The course will incorporate acoustic engineering fundamentals, making sure that the audibility of alarm signals complies with the requirements in Malaysian Standards MS1745.

Fire Detection Course Flyer

1-Days Course “Fire Certificate – Maintaining Fire Safety in Premises”

This course looks at “Fire Regulation – Fire Certificate” under Fire Services Act 341 as the deregulation exercise by the Government to transfer responsibility of ensuring buildings’ fire safety from Fire and Rescue Department to building owners under designated building category. It looks at proper maintenance of fire protection systems in the building to ensure they are in functional and full operation condition. The course also looks into the requirements stipulated by the Fire Certificate application form. Included in the course are International fire incidents and lessons learnt, Fire Behavior, Fire Science, Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems, checklist for Testing and Commissioning of fire protection systems, etc. For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

1-Day Course “Introduction to Portable Fire Extinguishers”

1st November 2019 RM500

Fire always starts when it is small. If the fire is discovered early, hand-held portable fire extinguisher-with proper application-can easily extinguish it without causing harm to human lives and properties.

  • Understand different types of fire, the danger in different categories of fire and the appropriate fire extinguishing medium.
  • Learn proper maintenance of the portable fire extinguishers.
  • Learn the performance-based way of designing fire extinguishers.
  • Learn the future of fire extinguishers in line with Green Concept.

For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

2-Days Course “Steel Structure Fire Protection”

Steel structure, together with glass has been hailed as the modern construction technology. The finishes of the modern steel and glass building facade denote speedy construction of the elegant design. Conventional method employing concrete and brickwork which utilizes wet construction technology is slow and cumbersome and require lengthy construction period. Nevertheless, both construction methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

While the reinforced construction method is slow, cumbersome and constitutes massive dead loads for the structure, it provides secured fire resistance to the occupants of the building. On the other hand, because it is prefabricated off-site, steel structure construction provides speedy construction with weight saving as most of the structure assembled at site will not be able to withstand heat generated by the fire of up to less than 1000 degree centigrade. 9/11 World Trade Center disaster in New York re-emphasizes the importance of steel structure fire protection. This 2-days course will look closely at steel structure fire protection; fire resistant and fire exposure; international fire incident and lessons learnt; reaction of steel and steel composite structure to fire; difference between single steel structure and integrated steel structure members, etc. For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

2-Days Course “Fire Risk Management for Business Continuity”

21st – 22nd November 2019 RM1,500

This course looks at “Business Continuity and Sustainability” through strategist “Fire Risk Management”. It covers fire risk assessment methods, identifying fire risks and fire hazards and the relationship between fire risks and fire hazards, etc. Find out how regular housekeeping exercise is the best preventive measure of the fire incident. Understand how to minimize fire risk with fire policies and fire protection systems in place. Suitable for facility mangers, building managers, maintenance managers.

  • Who is responsible for eradication of fire hazards?
  • Learn international fire incidents and tragic case studies of how multi-national corporate lost their business when they have no proper fire risk management policies. For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

1-Days Course “Elementary Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Design”

This course looks at the fundamentals of fire detection and alarm system in relation to Uniform Building By-laws as well as relevant National Standards e.g. MS, EN, etc.

  • Learn different types of fire detection and alarm system concepts.
  • Understand the best position to install fire detectors, audio and visual alarm units and the optimum position for smoke detection.
  • What type of smoke detection system is most effective in a high air flow environment?
  • Learn how fast a fire incident can develop from the incipient stage through flash over to a full scale fire.
  • Learn the future and modern fire detection technologies. For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

2-Days Course “Fire Risks Assessment”

28th – 29th November 2019 RM2,000

Discover the basis of a fire risks assessment which goes beyond Building Regulation compliance and achieve the goal of business continuity.  Learn how to conduct fire risks assessment and mitigation with competency.

  • Learn from past experience from renowned fire incident case studies.
  • Will insurance underwriters pay the claim in the event of a fire? What are the foreseeable issues?
  • How to identify fire hazards in the work place. What is the difference between fire risk and fire hazards.
  • Fire risks mitigation measures
  • Code and Standards compliance
  • Fire Protection strategies
  • Occupants and investment safety
  • Business Continuity
  • Built a resilient business

For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

1-Days Course “Fire Resistant Doorsets – Malaysian Standards and Requirements”

This two day course looks at the effective and efficient way of fire resistant doorsets design that will fulfill the Malaysian Standard requirements for specification as well as testing. Course also covers methods to achieve quality control and quality assurance for continuity of business; how to achieve strong branding; etc. Course include fire behavior; lesson learnt from major fire incidents; Malaysian Standards on Fire Resistant Doorsets and ironmongery. For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

1-Days Course “Ironmongery – Key components in Fire Resistant Doorset”

This course will give insights to the concept, type and application of ironmongery as key components in fire resistant doorset. Understand the requirements of Malaysian Standards MS 1601: Part 4: 2009 Requirements and Methods of Determining the Performance of Mortise Lockset; MS 1073: Part 3: 1996 (Annex B Amendment 2003) Cyclic Endurance Performance Test. Find out the difference between functional test and performance test and the significance in their applications for fire resistant doorset. Workshop session to discuss issues related to fire resistant doorsets and ironmongery. For enquiry email info@firesafe.my

We also conducts training, short courses in Fire Safety/fire safety engineering/fire safety management module for corporate clients in: –

1    Fire Science

2    Fire Behaviour

3    Building Regulations

4    Fire Services Act (Fire Regulations 1988)

5    International Fire Case studies and Lesson Learnt

6    Elementary Sprinkler Fire Suppression System

7    Elementary and Intermediate Sprinkler System Design

8    Elementary, Intermediate and Advance Fire Detection and Alarm  System Design

9    Air Sampling Smoke Detection System Design

10   Introduction of fire safety for work place

11  Carbon Dioxide Clean Agent Fire Suppression Design

12   Fire Safety Management

13  Introduction to Fire Risk Assessment

14  Advance Fire Risk Assessment

15  Introduction to Fire Risk Management

16  Advance Fire Risk Management

17  Selection of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

18  Practical usage of Portable Fire Extinguisher

19  Performance-based Approach for selection and installation of Portable Fire Extinguishers

20  Passive Compartmentation criteria of Fire Resistant Doorsets

21  Fire Resistant Doorset Design and the selection of Ironmongeries

22  Maintenance of Fire Safety at Premises

23  Steel Structural Fire Protection Deign

24  Practical Portable Fire Extinguisher Fire Fighting Course

25   Competent fire risk assessor course

26   Competent ERT (Emergency Response Team) Training

27   Mass Evacuation program, Procedure and training

28   Emergecy Responsese Planning and Management

All the above courses will cover case studies and lessons learnt mitigation effects from the latest and significant major fire and natural disasters.

Inquiry please email info@firesafe.my

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