Piping, Fitting and Accessories

Piping shall be black steel class B for sprinkler system and galvanized iron to BS 1387 class C for underground piping. For the rest of fire protection systems, piping shall be of class C for hosereel, wet riser, and hydrant system. For clean agent high pressure system, Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 with Steam fittings of Class 300 and 600 should be used in accordance to the diameter of the piping. Pipes of sizes 80mm and below should be installed with screw joints and only pipes 100mm and above may be welded. Welding procedures and materials shall be in accordance with B.S.2640 and B.S.2971 and should be carried out by qualified welders. Alternatively, mechanical grooved coupling can be used for jointing for all pipe sizes up to 250mm.

Sprinkler piping should not be concealed in the floor or ceiling concrete slabs.  AI! piping should be painted with primer and finished with red gloss paint or otherwise identified with red bands of 100mm width minimum at elbows and tees.

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