Firefighter Safety

Latest fire statistics reveal that despite the gradual reduction in fire incidents, firefighters’ fatality rate is on the rise which puzzles authority concerned. Research has found that despite the firefighter’s suite, self-contained breathing apparatus protection, the carcinogen toxic soot which settles on their suit were air borne during undressing in the lockers room and enter their lung. Many firefighters who were on duty during fire incidents and rescue disaster also experience trauma effect. If not treated by counselling at site or off-site may has psychological effect and may affect their life or while they are on duty.



National Fallen Firefighters Foundation of USA has conducted a study on “Findings and Recommendations from Non-Invasive
Identification of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy/Cardiomegaly in Firefighters” with the objective to raise awareness within the fire service
about enlargement of the heart [including cardiomegaly and (LV) left ventricular hypertrophy] and how it increases the risk of developing CVD and on-duty SCD; as well as it’s potential to be treated and reversed if recognized beforehand.

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