Fire rated roller/panel shutter

Fire rated roller shutter function the same as fire rated doorset.

They are used for bigger fire wall openings e.g. factory, sports complex, mega shopping mall, air hangers, etc. in lieu of compartmentation walls to create spacious effect. Size of fire rated roller shutter can be up to 6.00m x 3.00m. Fire rated roller shutter is operated by a motor which closes automatically once the zone smoke detection system activates during a fire incident. To enable egress for customers/workers during a fire mode operation, a fire resistant doorset is installed along side the fire rated roller shutter. Latest design of fire shutter includes panel shutter where pieces of insulated panels are lowered and stack up on top of each other to form a compartment barrier. This is strong and  robust and may also function as a security barrier. All fire shutter intended to be part of compartment wall needs insulation criteria to prevent fire propagation through radiation. Insulated fire roller/panel shutter is a live safety requirement with protects occupants during egress and firefighters while they conduct search and rescue operations in the building on fire.

The fire resistant roller/panel shutter shall be designed and installed in accordance with the latest edition of Malaysian Standards or relevant regional or International Codes and Standards

  • MS 1073: Part 2:1996 Specification for fire resistant doorsets Part 2: Methods for determination of the fire resistance – General principles.
  • MS 1073: Part 3:1996 Specification for fire resistant doorsets : Part 3: Methods for determination of the fire resistance – Type of doorsets

Insulated fire roller/panel shutter that is fire detector activated during a fire needs regular maintenance in accordance to relevant Codes and Standards to ensure functional operation in times of fire incident. Care should be taken not to have obstacles place under the fire shutter to prevent from closing.

Type of Door

Minimum Requirement of Fire Resistant Period

1 hour rated 2 hours rated 4 hours rated
Integrity (min) Insulation (min) Integrity (min) Insulation (min) Integrity (min) Insulation (min)
Fire Roller Shutter 60 60 120 60 240 120


  • Openings between compartments.
  • Large compartment opening within departmental store.
  • Shopping mall
  • Basement car park
  • Basement lift lobby and fire escape staircase
  • Openings linking two different fire risks area
  • Closing of escalator void
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