Water Mist System

Water mist system is another form of fire extinguishing system using fine water droplet to effective suppress and extinguished a fire. It is originally used in the Maritime application on board ships and liners before it gets popular for building application. Data center, server rooms, computer center does not favor wet sprinkler system which may damage expensive electronic equipment hence opted for water mist system.

Water mist works on mist size water droplet having multifold surface areas that can soak up the heat form the fire due to their size. Light and small they can suspend in the air creating a huge heat sink within the room under protection. It can dowse a fire quickly and prevent water damage to the electronic set ups.

Due to the tiny size of the nozzle and high-pressure storage cylinder system, needs regular maintenance in accordance to recommendations. If the wetting surface within the room exceed certain limits it may not be efficient. It may also not be able to suppress under table fire effectively.



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