IFEX – Impulse Fire Extinguishing Technology

IFEX is a German developed technology using water mist expelled under high pressure at high speed entering the seat of fire and extinguished it without reburning.

This method of firefighting have the same fire extinguishing principle as water mist system. While water mist is deployed in a passive manner, IFEX works in an active process by delivering the ultra-fine water mist effectively into the fire. For portable unit, one liter of water is delivered by high pressure compress air travelling towards the fire at high velocity to soak up the heat faster than can be generated through combustion. The vast surface area of fine water mist provides cooling effect far more effective then water spray of water jet of much coarser diameter. As the water mist is almost weightless, it will not destroy the fire source where compare to strong solid water jets and retains evidence for post fire investigation. Due to its effectiveness and the little amount of water usage, it is a Green firefighting system for conservation of environment.

For a portable unit, a water tank carries 13 Liters of water with compressed air tank for firefighting. They can be mounted at the back of specially designed motorbikes which can access fire scene even when ether is traffic jam or road blockage. Or the IFEX unit can be mounted on fire trucks with bigger capacity of water storage and compressed air capacity to fire a full-scale fire with multiple units.

IFEX is effective for highway car fire rescue with trapped passengers as the water mist can be fired into the cabin without hurting any human.

For larger fires, double bigger iFEX system that is truck mounted on top can put out liquid pool fire. IFEX also comes with helicopter skid to be mounted underneath the helicopter or highrise firefighting or for forest firefighting. Slid is equipped with water hose and pump that can refill at nearby lake or river.

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